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Who is behind larry the cat twitter?

Who is behind larry the cat twitter?

Larry the cat twitter with the resignation of Theresa May, Twitter is crazy for the "chief rat catcher" who has lived longer than the two prime ministers.

While waiting for Theresa May to announce her resignation as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Twitter was distracted by another resident of One Downing Street.10, Larry Cat.

Who is behind larry the cat twitter?
Who is behind larry the cat twitter?

The scene outside the Prime Minister’s residence captured a No. 10 worker who was moving the “chief ratcatcher” of the property at 9:44 a.m. British Summer Time (4:44 a.m. EST)

who writes larry the cat twitter account? some people see the removal of the cat as a sign that the prime minister's highly anticipated announcement is imminent. "Alert: Larry Cat has been cleared from the steps of Downing Street, it started," user Andy Silk tweeted.

Political commentator Dan Hodges added that Larry had just been taken to Downing Street. This is the same. Given May's luck, she will go out and trip over him."

Others have called for the cat-an an enduring symbol of stability in times of political turmoil-to intervene as a national leader. "I ask them to bring back larry the cat Twitter.

It must be our new prime minister," user LMarstonCFC tweeted.

Larry the cat Twitter today political commentator Edward Hardy shared a photo of Larry and commented: "Cat Larry: ‘I want to announce that I will be the next leader of the Conservative Party. I believe I am the best person to lead this country. '"

Larry joined No. 10 in 2011 as the "chief rat catcher" when David Cameron was still there. According to his government biography,

Larry the cat twitter is the official No. 10 rat catcher, who was originally adopted from the home of Battersea Dogs and Cats. Cameron, like May, resigned because of Brexit. He left after losing in the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Biology said that larry the cat pigeon Twitter is arguably the most popular No. 10 resident since he moved in, and he receives hospitality and gifts from the public every day. According to the government website, in addition to greeting guests and finding the best antique furniture for naps, his daily duties "include thinking about solving the rat problem in the house. Larry said this is still in the tactical planning stage.

Other furry top 10 residents include Humphrey, a wanderer who walked into the Westminster address in 1989, as the BBC had previously pointed out. In his later years, there was speculation that the cat was kicked out of the house, which forced a Downing Street spokesperson from Tony Blair's time to comment on his identity. "One: Blair likes cats. Two, Cherie [Blair's wife]'s suggestion to get rid of Humphrey is a vile slander," the spokesperson said.

In addition to larry, the downing street cat pigeon twitters the cat twitter, other cats have also entered the most prestigious institutions. Many Americans will remember Socks, a former White House resident, a cat belonging to Bill and Hillary Clinton. As the darling of the press, this cat was once photographed sitting in front of the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office-this is a gorgeous desk presented by Queen Victoria in 1880.

A college at Oxford University hosted many mice called "Simpkins". According to their official webpage, in addition to stopping mice, the cats reportedly also "check" the porters of the college.

The students mourned the loss of Simpkin III in 2016. He is a truly terrible mousetrap, a once successful bird-catcher, and a loyal partner to many students, colleagues, and faculty. the has never been married," the college’s online eulogy read."We will miss Simptin deeply, but we fully hope that he will not be the last of his name."

The college is right. In January 2017, Simpkin IV (formerly Buddy) was adopted by an animal charity.